"Affirmations awakens our imagination, the creativeness of our words and the spiritual mountain moving power of our faith"






Hello, I am LaToya Moulton, Author, Speaker and Coach.  When I am not writing, speaking or coaching, I am spending time with my husband and son, enjoying a cup of coffee, or reading a good book!


My new book “Arise: A 21-Day Devotional” was born out of my mission to Unleash, Uplift, Empower and Equip women with the necessary tools to get them unstuck and moving forward into what God has purposed for them!  It provides daily affirmations to “jumpstart your morning the right way”.


Growing up, I experienced childhood abuse and trauma.  As a result, I struggled with acceptance, low self of esteem and depression. For so long, I believed I was “damaged goods”, and that I had no value.  It was through the power of God that I was able to see that the negative things I believed about myself were all lies.  In turn, HE showed me the truth.  The truth is I am NOT “damaged goods” and I DO have value!  I was walking in darkness, now I am walking in HIS light.”


With this new truth, I'm able to embrace and walk in a new freedom. I rise victorious!  Today, I am using my life, along with my deliverance experience, to help bring inner healing and restoration to countless other women.  The affirmations that I published in this book are the exact same affirmations that I use to move mountains in my own life.  Affirming myself daily reminds me of God’s never-ending love for me, and that through His power I can continue to live in victory!


Overall, through my journey, I've learned that God is able to take the broken, shattered, shameful pieces of our lives and shape them into beautiful things!  He is able to take our bad experiences and use them for our good.  It's my hope that through my new book, we all will “Arise” and discover the power and purpose of our life experiences!

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